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Steve Nicel with bass guitar. Producer & Multi-Instrumentalist for Recording and Live Performance

Steve Nicel Music

Independent Music Producer

Compelling Music for
Film, TV & Advertising

Multi-Instrumentalist, Producer, Songwriter: Steve Nicel

Pop-Electronic for Licensing

Free and Alive

Uplifting, Empowering and Alive.
Cool electronic elements fused with pop.

Steve Nicel and Bass. Bass Track Recording and Live Performance

Retro-Swagger for Licensing

Brand New Day

Retro Swagger, Sassy New Age Vibe
An upbeat, feel-good, throwback tune

Music Tailored for Sync & Licensing

My name is Steve Nicel from Australia. I am a Songwriter, Independent Music Producer and Multi-Instrumentalist with a wry sense of humour. When I’m not entertaining my socially demanding cat, I’m busy creating music with a focus on songs good for sync and licensing.

Combining 24 years of live and recorded experience, I write in a broad range of styles and genre’s. From Pop to Indie Folk. And Electronic/EDM to Dark Americana. But always from inspiration and instinct.

Steve Nicel Music. Producer, Songwriter, Multi-Instrumentalist

Fresh Tunes To Your Inbox

We are constantly creating fresh tunes perfect for sync licensing. From Pop-Electro to Retro-Swagger.. Emerging- Indie-Songwriter to Dark Americana.. Instrumental-Cues to 60's-70's influenced Rock.

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Steve Nicel Music: Compelling music for Film, TV & Advertising.

Well, hello there.. A little bird told us you dig fresh new music perfect for sync licensing? Well, you're in the right space. We collaborate with other indie artists, produce and write new material constantly. From full vocal songs to instrumental cues. **Did you know?** We can also write custom music to fit specific scenes or dialogue. If you don't find a suitable song on the music page, please get in touch to find out more. Steve.

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