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All Songs 100% Cleared for Sync Licensing

Listed below are all songs 100% cleared for sync licensing, in one convenient listening place. Songs are cleared for Writer and Master shares, ready for immediate placement.

If you would like to test a song in your picture or scene to see how it fits, simply email us and we’ll provide an free download link. No Obligation.

If you are looking for a certain style or genre to match your picture or scene which you don’t see listed, please get in touch and we will create it.

If you’re an Independent artist and would like to collaborate, or you would like to have your licensing focused song produced, please contact us to discuss working together.

Steve Recording Tracks with Jazz Bass

I Got You (ft. CaiNo)

Genre: Pop/R&B Mood: Up, happy, upbeat, bright, in love, satisfied Description: Pop/R&B tune that screams inclusion and vibe! “I Got You” includes: male vocals, vocal harmony, drums, pluck bass, guitars, bongos, electronic, synths and assorted percussion.

Already Here (ft. CaiNo)

Genre: Funk/Pop Mood: Uplifted, happy, empowered, youthful, optimistic, active, positive, feel-good Description: When you think about the cool things waiting in your future, it’s easy to forget about living right now! You’re Already Here, so dance and be the revolution.

Soul Ain’t Yours To Keep (Instrumental)

Genre: Blues/Rock Mood: Cruisy, chill, sexy, inspired, In the zone, determined Description: A cool mesh between Blues, Rock and Soul. This song includes electric guitar, bass, drums and some sweet ‘ole school’ R&B horn lines.

Free and Alive

Genre: Pop/EDM Mood: Happy, uplifting, empowering, youthful, carefree, active, fun

Light of Day (ft. Jason Yates)

Genre: Dark Americana Mood: Fight, rising-up, struggling, downtrodden, repressed Description: A song about rising up against the shackles of life. Instruments include drums, percussion, sfx, piano, synths, bass guitar, and male vocals.

Brand New Day

Genre: Pop/Retro/Swagger Mood: Sassy, uplifted, happy, feel-good, positive, reflective, fresh, good times.

Brand New Day

by Steve Nicel Music | S Nicel: S Lee-Ward

Be Brave (Instrumental)

Genre: Indie Guitar Rock Mood: Energetic, active, courageous, gutsy, brave, confident, strong

Be Brave

by Steve Nicel Music | S. Nicel (Rock Instrumental)

Four Years (instrumental)

Genre: Indie Rock Mood: hopeful, inspiring, reflective, edgy

Four Years

by JRST | J Rudd-schmidt: S. Nicel: M Nicel

Travel Bug (instrumental)

Genre: Driving/Indie Rock Mood: Easy-driving, curious, easy, powerful, investigative

Travel Bug

by Steve Nicel Music | S. Nicel (Instrumental)

To True Love

Genre: Indie Rock/Reggae Mood: hopeful, upbeat, fun, reflective, honest, standing, lasting, classic

To True Love

by JRST | J Rudd-schmidt: S. Nicel: M Nicel

Heartache and Happiness

Genre: Country-Rock/TV/Soundtrack Mood: Creative, emotional, contemplative, calm, chill, meloncholy, thoughtful, curious, joyful

Heartache and Happiness

by Steve Nicel Music | S. Nicel (ft. J Yates)

Would You Dance? (instrumental)

Genre: World/Caribbean/South American Mood: feel-good, happy, relaxed, free, uplifted, positive, travelling, inspired

Would You Dance?

by Steve Nicel Music | S. Nicel (Instrumental)

Touch Of Spain (instrumental)

Genre: Quirky/French/Spanish Mood: Happy, relaxed, romantic, nostalgic, adventurous.

Touch Of Spain

by Steve Nicel Music | S Nicel (instrumental cue)

Steve Nicel Music: All Tracks

Steve Nicel Music. Producer, Songwriter, Multi-Instrumentalist

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