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Songwriting Production & Arranging - Steve Nicel MusicSongwriting Production

Songwriting production, focusing on writing songs to find a home in Film, TV or Advertising
Constantly creating new songs and music cues across multiple genre’s and styles
Versatile selection of vocal and acoustic instrument mics and pre-amps
Full 1TB suite of professional sound libraries, incl. NI, Heavyocity, Omnisphere & Orange Tree
Complete live & virtual instrument capabilities from light Orchestral, Rock/Pop to World soundscapes

Songwriting Production and Arranging - Steve Nicel MusicArranging & Orchestration

Creating new music across multiple styles and genre’s requires a large range of specific instrument tools to help sell the story of the song.

We are involved in recording and producing male and female vocal music, through to instrumental cues and soundscape beds. We focus on writing and arranging songs with a specific concept or theme to find a home in Film, TV or advertising placement.

Bass Tracking for Production

When the song that we’re working on needs a live performed bass part, we spend time looking for the right tone and the right vibe. Professionally recorded passes are then tracked to fit the story of the song.

All tracking can include DI signal, and amp mic and room mic/s for final mix options.

Music Recording Services. Jazz V7 Bass and MarkBass Amp

Drum Tracking for Production

If the song that we’re working on needs a live performed drum kit part with a specific tone, professionally record passes will be tracked to suit the story of the song.

All tracking includes multiple kit mics, stereo XY pair, and ambient room mic/s for final mix options.

Steve Nicel Music. Producer, Songwriter, Multi-Instrumentalist

Fresh Tunes To Your Inbox

We are constantly creating fresh tunes perfect for sync licensing. From Pop-Electro to Retro-Swagger.. Emerging- Indie-Songwriter to Dark Americana.. Instrumental-Cues to 60's-70's influenced Rock.

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Steve Nicel Music: Compelling music for Film, TV & Advertising.

Well, hello there.. A little bird told us you dig fresh new music perfect for sync licensing? Well, you're in the right space. We collaborate with other indie artists, produce and write new material constantly. From full vocal songs to instrumental cues. **Did you know?** We can also write custom music to fit specific scenes or dialogue. If you don't find a suitable song on the music page, please get in touch to find out more. Steve.

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