Producer, Songwriter, Composer

From TV Appearances & Touring. To Film, TV & Ad Licensing.

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Producer, Songwriter, Composer

From TV Appearances & Touring. To Film, TV & Ad Licensing.

Steve performing live with V7 Jazz Bass



Composer, Producer, Songwriter, Multi-Instrumentalist

Hi, my name is Steve Nicel. Together with the artists I collaborate, collectively we form the Steve Nicel Music film and licensing catalog.

As a composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist, I’ve worked with a broad range of talented artists over the past 3 decades. Currently collaborating with co-writers around the globe, we create music suitable for all forms of film media.

Skill Set Building

Between 1988 and 2004 I spent a majority of my career as a live performer and freelancer. The early career experiences I gained from on-call performances, and feature festival gigs, along with regular band billings was invaluable. From the Queensland holiday resort circuit, to the Manly International Jazz in Sydney. These influences cannot be replaced.

National and International band touring along with TV and radio performances, these all helped shape the composer I am today. A genre diverse melting pot of time aged sounds. I can’t help but create from a perspective of sonic instinct and groove.

Composing For Picture

I feel that motion picture and music are inseparable in today’s multi-media driven landscape. The two elements combine and immerse our senses beyond that of a single element. Always striving to design original soundscapes, harmony or lyrics which enable screenwriters to share the best version of their story.
When the two are matched well, the music should not aim to tell the story of the picture, as much as be a part of the story, all while drawing our emotion into the heart of a scene. Audio and visual become one and should be experienced simply as film, television or advertising… Synergy.

It’s said that picture is designed to capture our heart, and music our soul. Either way, we insist on empowering you with the right sound.

Hybrid Music Making

“Modern music creation requires us to draw on a range of hybrid skills. Sometimes we expose hidden gems, or push a composition in directions that may not sound familiar. It’s important to trust our experiences, and view them as a launch pad to tread new ground and extend personal boundaries!”

Steve Nicel's V7 Bass and MarkBass Amp
Electro Pop and Future Bass Music Pack

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